Art-based activities for Clara Tale

Here are some art-based activities designed by Samantha Kelly to go with Clara Tale. For an introduction to these activities, please hop over to this post.

“Clara Tale” introduces themes revolving around the importance of love and interpersonal relationships as being valued over material things.

The following are examples of various types of art making and creative play which support the ideas advocated in “Clara Tale.” Such activities are meant to be engaging for both the child and the parent yet relatively simple and accessible for busy families.

Parents may create their own artwork in tandem with child or, depending on the needs of the child and the project, work together with the child to create one artwork.

  • Draw a picture of something you like doing with your family. Write a short story about what is happening in the image. Discuss various activities that the child would like to do with the family and select one or two to plan and experience in the near future.
  • Create a drawing/painting for a specific family member. In presenting the gift to the individual, the parent focuses on being an enthusiastic supporter, honoring the child’s gesture.
  • Use a shoe box or small box to decorate (collage, paint) for child to keep “small, special objects” they find, like Clara, within it.
  • Create your own short film. Role play a scenario in which the child shows love for his/her family and film resulting reenactment of scenario. Use simple props/costumes to enhance the experience while keeping focus and importance on the story and moral lessons. Upon completion, show film to family as a “special screening.” (popcorn, awards, etc.)
  • Ask the child what they would wish for if the kind bird appeared to them. Create an artwork (drawing, painting, collage) revolving around the child’s wish.

As we are developing this concept we would love to hear your feedback! What was your experience in viewing the film then doing one or several of the above activities? Please write to us at Thanks so much.