An outpouring of support

This week has been amazing, because we’ve seen a huge swell of interest and support in our project. On Monday, the Daybook Blog wrote about our project and linked to our site and Clara Tale.  As a result, we had literally thousands of new visitors to our site, and thousands of views of Clara Tale and our other videos on YouTube. This chart from our YouTube stats kind of says it all (we hit 10,000 total views some time this evening):

Having said that, the Daybook Blog is just one of quite a number of blogs that have linked to us, and they’ve all sent wonderful people our way. And it’s not all about the numbers – which really just represent the interest in what we’re doing and real people who like it and want to see more of it. What’s been most wonderful is seeing the words not only these bloggers but also their followers have used to talk about our project. For example, check out the comments on that Daybook Blog post. We love hearing this – making people happy and giving them something they can enjoy and their kids can watch over and over without any guilt is a big part of the reason why we’re doing this. The comments on our Facebook page and on our YouTube videos are equally inspiring.

We want to say thank you to all of you and to all of those who have written about our project, shared it on Facebook, left one of these kind comments on someone else’s blog or otherwise shown their support (not least by backing our Kickstarter project). Your support has made us even more excited to make more of these films and continue to develop the other important parts of our project, like our art-based activities and the film academy for kids we’re planning (more on that soon). So thank you, and please keep coming back to hear the latest news.