New Kickstarter campaign

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, our first Kickstarter campaign expired on Monday this week, and although 75 wonderful people had pledged a grand total of $4,727, this was well short of the $30,000 goal we set for our campaign. As a result, none  of the pledges went through.

So, we’ve immediately started another Kickstarter, which went live earlier today, to raise a much smaller amount of money. We’ve set the target low – $3,000 – to be sure to hit it, but we’d very much like to match and even exceed the $4,727 we had pledged to the last project.

We’re asking everyone who pledged to the last one to pledge the same amount again on this project. We’re also hoping that anyone who decided not to pledge last time around because the goal seemed unachievable will pledge this time, since we’re much more likely to hit our goal (we’re already at almost 50% just a few hours after launching). We’re running this project for just 7 days, so please pledge today if you can.

In other news, we start shooting Clara and the Trolls this Friday, so we’re moving forward with our plans despite not having closed funding yet. We secured another source of funding this past week, which together with the Kickstarter should help us have enough for the next five films.

We look forward to sharing more progress with you in the near future.